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Finding the perfect navel ring size can be a challenge, especially if you aren’t sure how large a typical belly bar or navel ring is. Use the guides on this page to learn more about common belly ring sizes and to find the perfect length for your body type/piercing location. 

TummyToys Navel Ring Sizes

Our navel ring clasps are industry standard 14g with a total length of 13.5mm. The actual bar that goes through your piercing is 11mm long (7/16”).

Nearly all navel piercings are done to fit 14-16 gauge bars that are 11mm in length.   

Body piercing jewellery is measured in gauges. The higher the gauge number, the thinner the bar and vice versa. Most navel rings and bars are 14g, with a smaller percentage being 16g. If you wanted to have a 12g piercing for some reason, you would need to have your piercing stretched at a piercing studio. We recommend sticking with the industry standard gauge of 14g, as the large majority of navel rings for sale on the web and in studios are made in this size.

Custom Navel Ring Sizes

If you require a higher gauge navel ring (16g), our team of expert jewellers can custom size any of our designs from 14g to 16g. Use the contact form (click here) to get in touch with us about making a custom 16g belly ring.

Wondering why would someone need a 16g navel ring? It’s common for a navel piercing to semi-close after not having jewellery in it for a long period of time. In these cases, people often use 16g navel rings instead of the thicker 14g.

If you need a smaller bar length (such as 9mm), we can do that as well. But due to the design/locking mechanism of our clasp, we cannot trim more than 3mm off the bar. We can also add up to 3mm in bar length to the bar (but only on gold, platinum, and palladium).




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